Gem Mining at Buckeye Trading Post!

Check out our mining sluice!


Have you ever wanted to mine for gems, minerals, and fossils?  Then check out our awesome mining sluice at Buckeye Trading Post!  Gem mining is open and available every Friday and Saturday (April through September) from 10 am to 4 pm or by appointment at other times by calling 812-584-1100.

Purchase buckets of mining "rough"!


Purchase buckets of mining "rough" and use the sluice and sifters to wash away the rocks, sand, & debris to expose lots of gems, minerals, & even fossils!

Discover gems, minerals, & fossils!


It's easy, educational, and rewarding!  Keep what you find!  Mining rough is sold in small ($4), medium ($6), and large ($8) buckets.  Good luck, and we hope you find some spectacular specimens!

Adventure for kids, teens, or adults!


Everyone loves to mine for gems and minerals!  Kids, teens, and adults all have a blast as they discover their finds!  It's also a great idea for a birthday party!

Brag about your finds!


You'll be so excited to show off your finds with your friends and family!  

Start your own collection!


We try to help you identify some of the gems, minerals, and fossils, but you'll probably have fun researching all of your finds!  You can start or add to your unique collection!