BEST prices on concrete garden decor in the Tri-State!

We always keep some concrete garden decor in stock!

We always have some variety for you to choose from whether you are searching for concrete statuary, fountains, benches, birdbaths, memorial plaques and more! 

Our pieces are SO AFFORDABLE!

If you are looking for an affordable way to spruce up your landscaping or curb appeal, then you have found it!  Our concrete garden decor is priced very economically.  In fact, we have the BEST prices normally in the Tri-State!

Concrete garden decor is durable!

Typically, our customers have long-lasting results with our durable concrete garden decor if they are cared for properly.  We personally have some pieces that are 16 to 28 years old at our personal residence!

Looking for a SPECIAL pieces? Yes, we can help!

Yes, we can help!  Not only do we have pieces in stock, but we have a large catalog that you can view while visiting that has TONS of statues, animals, fountains, benches, birdbaths, memorial plaques and more that we can special order.  There is no additional charge to special order, and these special orders take approximately 3 weeks or so to be made and arrive here.  In addition, we can order PAINTED pieces from our manufacturer, if you prefer them to be painted.  However,  keep in mind that unpainted is always the cheapest option.

We can also order replacement pieces!

We are one of the few concrete garden decor shops that will allow you to order JUST the replacement part you need, whether it's a top of a bird bath, the legs or top of a bench, or a bowl for a fountain, we can help!  Many of these molds have been used for years and years, so customers sometimes find that they have the same piece at home that just needs a replacement part.  We can order them as long as we carry it, and they take about 3 weeks or so to be poured and arrive here.